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Smash my Tape Player

We smash a perfectly working tape player that we found at Brandon’s house.

Getting hit in the nuts with a phone charger

Kellen gets hit in the nuts when he was smashing a phone charger.

Getting hit with a flashlight

Kellen accedently hits his friend with a flashlight we were smashing

Matt Skateboard Bail 1 [edited]

Matt trys to go down this crappy ramp

Smash my Mini RC Car

I smash this mini rc car i’ve had for a couple years

Fun with an RC Car

We were bored, so i deceided to have fun with my old car and my old camera. FYI-The camera was not damaged at all. It landed on soft ground.

Smash my Speaker

We smash a speaker that still worked.

Smash my Speaker[extended]

The extended version of smash my speaker. Watch the shorter version here:

Domino Tower 3

A new way to take down a tower

Smash my Headphones

The 3rd SEC episode, where I smash a pair of 100% working headphones.