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Dukes of hazzard

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the united good people of america

sUPEREDS 105th weekly internet vdeo for nov.8 2008 called “the united good people of america” sUPERED gets political using one of his characters named lem barney lem gives his personal… Read more »


Video of the changing of the guard in a heavy downpour at Arlington National Cemetery

Rock of July 2009! Dave Heath, Dave Morgan, Ste, Teri, and James!

Confession of Faith-Jefferson High battle of the Bands 1993 pt.2 ‘Lord of the Flies’

‘Lord of the Flies’ This is very Confession of Faith, dark lighting, the intense, aural, industrial cascade. This song is from The Sacrament ep. The crowd seems very intense due… Read more »

Rock of July 2009! Dave Heath, Dave Morgan, Ste, Ali

The Sinner’s Judgment

the wrath of God

photos of japan and war

Photos of Japan and Korea during and before the Korean war. Taken by my grandfather, some photos have been added to enhance story, taken from internet.