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Mars Spirit records Humans at Home Plate Plateau

The Spirit Rover records a huge tribe of small humans on Mars at Home Plate Plateau. Not doubt about that. The human population is, virtually located all over the Mars… Read more »

Mars – Gorillas abduct Mars Humans

From valid NASA/JPL image we find Mars primates abducting human women. The primates may be the dominant factor on mars. And this may be the place where movie directors got… Read more »

Apollo-17 Moon Human Photos

These are photos the Astronaut could not send home to the family. And if they did, our government would probably have killed them.

Planet Mars – 3 Dominant Species Todate

Twin Peaks Rock Garden, Mars image from JPL show huges crowd of Martians including 2 races of Humans and 1 species of primates, gorillas. Mars confirms extraterrestrial life, however, the… Read more »

Marvelous new Data about Mars the Planet

New University of Az high resolution photographs show all. Don’t miss the short high light movies.

Humans found in Moon crater Copernicus

Has NASA mislabled this crater as being on the Moon or is this a Mars images where it is normal to find humans? Let them figure it out.

Mars Humans Twin Peaks, RockGarden

Copernicus has been photographed many times. Now I have peeled off the phoney surface to reavel the truth.

The Sun, Surprising New Facts

Celestial Humans on the Sun’s Surface? Well, Moses spoke to our Lord through a burning bush. In the Book of Enoch, Enoch was taken up into heaven to visit with… Read more »

NASA Control Room Hosted Moon Humans

Moon Humans are very small so look closely at this video. Some of them are as small as insects.

Murder With Impunity On Mars – Crushed by Rover wheels

There are several tribe of human species and several tribes of Primate species on Mars that live symbiotic lifestyle. The smallest are subject to crushing death by Rover wheels. NASA/JPL… Read more »