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Flaming Fashionista Throws Hissy Fit!!

Tears, cheap oakleys sunglasses tragedy, recriminations, Cheap china Jerseys ***iness…This 맛있다. could lead to fake oakleys Dancing! oakley outlet Short film by The Tyrants hockey jerseys in Therapy–Fashion Sense Pt…. Read more »



Herr von Wegen eröffnet eine Firma


After a year of psychoanalysis, Solo, a failed novelist, is persuaded to get a dog by his therapist. Unable to cope he seeks help which results in offers from a… Read more »

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TV ONE: Roast of John Witherspoon — Tim Reid vs. Witherspoon

Actor/Comedian Tim Reid steps to the mic and digs into his friend John Witherspoon during TV One’s “Roast and Toast.” But John isn’t his only target, see what other comedian… Read more »

Dog Magic

Dog Magic

Old Ladies Part I

The first 2/3 of the Mom’s Routine to “Little Old Lady from Pasadena” at the Just For Kix annual recital. I’m in the blue & purple dress.